What are Some Common Sports Injuries Treated at Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton?

Injuries can occur when you play sports and other activities, and especially with contact sports, the risk of injury increases drastically. At our Regenerate Shockwave Therapy clinic in Edmonton, we use physiotherapy to help provide relief to a variety of athletes and individuals. However, as you may see, sports and physiotherapy often go hand in hand. Many athletes see therapists on a regular basis in order to help prevent injuries and to recover from aches and pains. Many athletes and people will use pain as a guide and warning sign. And this can be helpful in preventing injury. For example, if you notice shoulder pain in your upper back. It is a good idea not to ignore the pain. This will be a time to move the shoulder, feel where the pain may be coming from and to take this time to connect to your body. Many times, when we try to avoid pain, run away and disconnect, the pain can increase. By leaning into the pain, the pain can decrease!  

You don’t need to be a professional or ammateur athlete to seek our expert physio advice. But many of our patients use athletics to feel better, get their heart pumping, and this is why we offer athlete solutions to pain to everyone! 

Common sports injuries that our physio clinic in Edmonton can help with

Our physio clinic in Edmonton is equipped with the expertise and tools to pinpoint the causes of pain and dysfunction. Once the cause of pain is properly identified, we create a specialized treatment plan to treat the issues. While we treat a wide range of sports-related injuries through physiotherapy, certain injuries are more commonly treated with the physio.

Lower back injuries: Lower back injuries are often experienced by athletes and people who perform the same movements repeatedly. For example, a truck driver who spends long hours sitting, with compression up and down forces of the road. Or an amateur dancer who spends alot of time on her toes with her legs externally rotated.   While lower back injuries are avoidable by using proper techniques. Many people and athletes may injure their lower backs.  At our physio clinic, we utilize various exercises such as specially designed stretches, mobilization, and movements that help recover from the lower back injury and restore mobility.

Plantar fasciitis: This injury is usually caused by excess stress on the feet while playing certain sports or can happen over time from weakening in the back, hip or knee. This may cause excessive load into the fleet. 

Sprains: Sprains are usually caused by ligaments and connecting tissue injuries, and it is possible to experience torn or overly stretched supporting ligaments. Sprains are also painful sports injuries that can severely limit movement and the ability to perform. While sprains can happen in different joints, they are more common in ankles, knees, and back. 

Shin Splints: Shin Splints cause pain and discomfort in the shin region, and runners commonly experience this injury. 

Shoulder pain: Pain in the rotator cuff is probably one of the most common complaints we see. The shoulder is a very complicated joint that requires good strength and mobility to work correctly. Tendinitis, tendinopathy, shoulder calcifications, and strains and dislocations are common injuries we treat. 

If you think you might be facing any of the injuries mentioned above, all you have to do is contact our Edmonton physical therapy clinic.

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