How Can Physiotherapy from Our West Edmonton Clinic Improve Your Pain?

We have helped improve the quality of life for many people at our physiotherapy clinic in West Edmonton. Many patients come to us when they have been struggling with pain or injury and often daily life activities become more challenging. While Regenerate Physiotherapy and Shockwave  has a primary goal of providing relief to patients, our ultimate mission is to improve your quality of life by empowering you to take control of your pain and injury. Imagine always wanting to run a marathon, but your knee becomes inflamed and starts hurting. Picture getting into your car, but unable to do easily  because your back begins to stiffen at the waist. Being unable to achieve your life goals, or even get through your day-to-day activities, can cause stress and anxiety for a lot of our patients. But, our pain relieving and healing booster protocols are here to help. Getting physiotherapy at our clinic provides an essential opportunity for you to have some self care, dedicated time to get to the root of your problem and heal for good. 

How can Physiotherapy Improve Your Lifestyle? 

Physical rehabilitation without surgery: Physiotherapy can be a game-changer in regards to helping you avoid surgery. Our experts can pinpoint the cause of pain and poor mobility, and we have regenerative medicines like shockwave and laser that can help aid in the healing process and help avoid invasive procedures in some cases. 

Rehabilitation after surgery: If you have had surgery, getting moving again is a part of the healing process and essential for returning back to good health and mobility. We are here to work with you to get your healing potential boosted and optimize healing times. Visit our Services page to see the therapies we offer.

Reducing or eliminating pain: We are here with specialized equipment, advanced technologies, and hands-on manual care to relive tight muscle and stubborn stiff joints. We are here to help your get relief, alleviate pain, and recover for good. Not just a band aid, our treatments are targeted to get long standing changes and results.  

Injury prevention: Physical therapy can help strengthen weakened parts of your body. Your physiotherapist is here to create and design a customized program to get your body moving right!

Defeating dizziness: Dizziness is scary and troubling. This is a problem that some people are appropriate for physiotherapy care. Dizziness and vertigo can arise from head trauma, concussion, inner ear, neck, eyes among other reasons. At Regenerate Physio, we have many hands-on and balance restoring exercises to help reduce and remove vertigo and dizziness. This can include, manual techniques,  shockwave therapy, IMS needles, exercise, deep oscillation therapy, or laser therapy, and custom balance protocols.

Delaying arthritis: If you have started showing signs of arthritis, now is the time to act. Arthritis is the number one cause of mobility issues in older individuals and it can severely impact your lifestyle. Physio can stop arthritis from taking over by helping you understand how to slow the progression and keep your joints lubricated and muscles happy. 

Let’s get your body functioning optimally! Come to the best physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton. Just contact us, and we’ve got you covered.

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