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How Can Getting Shockwave Physiotherapy At Our Edmonton Clinic Be Beneficial For Athletes?

When you are an athlete, you have to train hard and perform at your peak performance during every competition. When it comes to getting an edge over the competition, it is all about additional performance. Our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton Regenerate Shockwave Therapy offers state-of-the-art shockwave physiotherapy techniques.

Shockwave physiotherapy is an excellent treatment advantage to help boost your healing. It can be used to reduce muscle soreness and pain, improve injury recovery times, and boost blood flow.  If you are an athlete interested in the benefits of shockwave physiotherapy for increasing performance and recovery, this article is for you.

Physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton can help athletes using shockwave therapy

Physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton, can help athletes in both recovery and improving mobility through strong physiotherapy diagnosis, and treatment options.

One excellent modality we use is shockwave therapy. We believe that athletes deserve to have excellent treatment options that help aid in a speedy recovery. That is why we have advanced shockwave therapy techniques and may combine with other manual therapies, needles, and other technologies such as deep oscillation therapy.  

Shockwave therapy is non-invasive: While shockwave therapy itself is an effective healing technique, it doesn’t require any recovery periods of its own. This means that you don’t have to recover after each session since this technique does not damage tissue. You can continue to practice and play.

Your physiotherapist will guide you on your customized exercise plan and any other treatments that are indicated. Remember, as great as modalities are, the most important recovery tools are with you.

This means it is what you do that counts. Including self-care, post event self treatments, stretching routine, and other self care recovery tools such as massage. 

The results from shockwave therapy can be long lasting: Whether you are getting leading edge shockwave physiotherapy in Edmonton for pain relief, mobility improvement, or recovery purposes, the results produced by this treatment can be long lasting. This is because shockwave is a cellular therapy.

This means that it stimulates your body to heal, but the body will always heal at a certain rate. So the trigger of shockwave can help the healing starting point. Especially if you are stuck in an injury. BUt the time to heal will always take time. 

Anti-inflammatory properties of shockwave therapy may reduce downtime: When you are recovering from an injury, there could be too many inflammation molecules in your site of the injury. Shockwave therapy has been shown to help regulate inflammation and improve healing. However, this is only in addition to exercises that help improve blood flow and proper loading. 

Boosts muscular performance and endurance: Athletes rely on their muscles to generate the power they need to perform at their peak ability. Shockwave therapy is known for boosting strength. In some studies this is a short duration neuro physiological reaction. Which means that it is not long lasting.

However, when combined with a full rehab program, your strength will improve. Also, when muscles are smoothed using shockwave and trigger points are targeted, your muscles will work with more optimal contraction. This too can increase overall muscular strength and firing. 

Whether you are looking for an increase in performance or want speedy recovery from a sports injury, you can look up physiotherapy near me or get in touch with us for shockwave treatment.

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