A Unique Medical Shockwave and Physio Clinic

We designed our clinic with our patients in mind. We specialize in solutions for stubborn, chronic and nagging pain and injuries that are resistant to get better. 
We offer treatment options for complex conditions, that may have failed other options. If you are being limited by pain or injury we can restore hope and function.

Quality Treatment, Powerful Results!
Our therapy combines high quality treatments to relieve nagging pain and stubborn chronic injury
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Our Specialized Clinic

Located in the prestigious Coronation Physiotherapy Sports Centre (est. 1994). Our team is Edmonton’s choice for both high level athletes and referring medical doctors.

Are you experiencing nagging pain or a stubborn injury? Have you noticed unrelenting muscle tightness and difficulty doing the things you enjoy? Regenerate Shockwave Therapy has a proven track record to get you feeling your best!

Shockwave Therapy in Edmonton is a highly effective technology that decreases pain and cures many injuries. In fact the Most advanced Shockwave Therapy is located in our Edmonton Clinic. This medical treatment can heal injury and releive pain by regenerating damaged tissue. Our Shockwave Therapy Treatment uses both Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy depending on the depth and location of the injury. We offer the best shockwave treatments that are customized to target the source of your pain and injury.

Book an appointment today with our movement experts who can diagnose and suggest the best therapy for your injury.

Direct Billing

Let us walk you through the billing options to make your recovery easy!

Easy Booking

Call us and book for a variety of treatment solutions for your pain and injury!

What is Shockwave Therapy? 

Advanced Medical Technology
Technology that can cure chronic and acute injuries
Cellular Activation Therapy 
Cellular activation that can remove scar tissue and improve blood flow
Focus Sound Waves
High and Low intensity sound waves penetrate tissue and provide long term pain relief 

 Why Our Clinic Works

Modern Shockwave Devices. 
Focus and Radial Shockwaves.
Certified Shockwave Therapists.
Registered Physiotherapists. 

Treatment targeting your pain. 
Combined treatments for optimal healing.
Results you can count on.

Quality Care and Attention 

Our shockwave therapy and physio techniques are designed to get you feeling better. 
Remove pain, gain strength, learn how to get better and stay better!
Gain control over your injuries. 
Understand your condition and recovery. 
Get the best environment for cellular healing. 
Get Relief From Nagging Pain Or Injury
Feel your best and relax knowing your health is our priority.

"After shockwave, I am running to my hearts content, without pain"
Todd P. 

Accepting New Patients

Get relief! Call now and speak to one of customer care team members!

Services We Offer

Shockwave Therapy
Spinal Decompression
Mens Pelvic Health
IMS / Dry Needling / Acupuncture
Consulting Services

What Our Patients Are Saying