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A specialized injury and pain clinic that offers "athlete solutions" for the everyday person. Suffering from stubborn, chronic and nagging pain and injuries? Did someone tell you 'you can't', 'you wont', or 'deal with it'? NOT Us! Our dedicated one-on-one care will take away the guessing, help remove pain, and start a quicker way to recover and heal!




Understand your condition and how to recover faster. Learn about your diagnosis and treatment program. It's time to optimize your healing!


Gain control over your injury, pain, or problem. It's time to feel relief, recover, and work towards your future goals. 


Modern technologies for everyone! Break down scar tissue, adhesions and restrictions. Your balanced body will help you recover and prevent further discomfort!

Modern & Effective Treatment, Powerful Results!

Our therapy combines high quality manual treatments to relieve nagging pain and stubborn chronic injury.
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SpeciAlty Services We Offer

Our shockwave and manual therapy protocols are cleverly designed to get you feeling better and fast! Remove pain, regain strength, get better and stay better!

Unrelenting muscle tightness and PAIN? Regenerate Shockwave Therapy has an excellent track record to get you feeling your best!
Shockwave Therapy
We specialize in Focus and Radial shockwave therapy for stubborn pain, chronic pain, nerve injuries spinal conditions. 
Vertigo | DizzIness
Our Dizzy Physio Protocol uses specialized goggles to pin point your dizziness and vertigo. Learn how to regain your balance and start feeling better!
Dry Needling | Acupuncture
We offer dry needles and IMS to release tight muscles and promote fast recovery. 
Mens Pelvic Health
We successfully assess and treat Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Performance,  Peyronie's Disease and a variety of other troublesome pelvic and testicular complaints.
TargetED Radio
We offer advanced targeted radio frequency therapies to help with nerve and nerve root pain. This new and exciting therapy is one of our "athlete solutions" to your everyday life and movement! 
Reduce inflammation and kick start your healing potential with laser. Help boost your cellular healing potential! Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to target stubborn pain and inflammation. 


BLOG and News


Shockwave Therapy Cost For ED

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment is gaining popularity by doctors, therapist and patients. The reason being? It is non-invasive and it has a high success rate. Shockwave therapy is a safe, effective and regenerative modality that can help grow new vessels and strengthen existing vessels. It can have an immediate and direct impact on pro angiogenic blood flow factors like Nitric Oxide. This allows for blood […]

Heel Spurs Treatment and Facts

Heel Spurs can be a reason for pain in the heel. Let’s get some facts straight about heel Spurs! Read below for some basic information on heel spurs and what you should do if you find yourself with a painful one! Heel Spurs are a build up of calcification on the bottom the foot. They are […]
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