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A specialized injury and pain clinic that offers "athlete solutions" for the everyday person. Suffering from stubborn, chronic and nagging pain and injuries? Did someone tell you 'you can't', 'you wont', or 'deal with it'? NOT Us! Our dedicated one-on-one care will take away the guessing, help remove pain, and start a quicker way to recover and heal!

Online physiotherapy treatment 



As simple as a few clicks you can gain access to expert advise. Please note this service is available to Residents of Alberta. 


Learn how to safely and effectively reduce pain and recover from your injury. our smart technology lets the expert physio assess your movement, diagnose and treat. All from the comfort of your home. 


Get the most out of your treatments with effective virtual physiotherapy care. No wait times, and super effective treatment for pain and injury. 

Modern & Effective Treatment, get instant access now!

Our therapists are online, and ready to help you recover!
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How does online physiotherapy work? 

Treatment is incredibly efficient and easy. All you need is either a phone, tablet or computer. We are able to speak with you direct on the phone or via virtual care. A simple email link will allow your to securely see your virtual physiotherapy and your online physiotherapy appointment will begin!

How does online physiotherapy work? 

Our online physiotherapy is easy, effective and awesome! Meet one of our experts and let us know about your pain and injury. We will assess you by monitoring your movements on camera and will get the necessary medical information we need to get an accurate diagnosis. 
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benefits of online physiotherapy services

Our therapists are trained to assess and diagnose your problem with accuracy that will allow your to begin to feel better! Learn what is the best treatment options for your pain or injury. 
Secure and safe 
We offer safe and secure online physiotherapy services that aim to restore movement and decrease. Relax in knowing that our online physiotherapy program is secure and safe treatment! 
We offer direct billing to our patients for our online physiotherapy services. Please call now to see if your plan may be covered. 
Accurate Diagnosis 
Our expert physiotherapists are trained to assess and diagnose injuries and pain.If you are not appropriate for virtual physiotherapy then you will find out right away! 
TargetED Treatment 
Find the best treatment options that will provide the quickest way to heal and promote self care and recovery. 
Your QUESTIONS answered
Reduce inflammation and kick start your healing potential with laser. Help boost your cellular healing potential! Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to target stubborn pain and inflammation. 


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Shockwave Therapy Cost

A common questions we get is what is the cost of a shockwave therapy treatment. In Canada, extra-corpeal shockwave therapy cost varies from clinic to clinic. Prices can be determined by the region, type of shockwave equipment, expertise of clinic, and cost of clinical maintenance. Prices can vary from $100-$300 depending on some of the above. 

Trauma Informed Practice: A Physiotherapy Perspective

This form of practice is a mind set. It is the knowledge and realization that many our patients come to us with varying traumatic experiences. Past traumas can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and many others. Trauma can have a great effect on each person and may even impact a patients ability for successful rehabilitation.


We at Regenerate Physiotherapy and Shockwave know these are uncertain, unfamiliar, and unpredictable times. Our main concern is the health and wellness of our team, clients and community. As the world navigates through Covid-19 pandemic know we are here for you and your family. In times like these things change fast and as of March […]
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