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Benefits of Whiplash Physio Treatment at our Physiotherapy Clinic in West Edmonton

Whiplash is among the most common injuries caused by car accidents, especially when the collision is a rear-end collision. However, whiplash damage occurs anytime the neck is extended beyond its natural range of motion. Even a small fall on a slippery winter-in-Edmonton sidewalk can cause whiplash. While this type of injury may not be visible on the surface, it is vital to get treated. Left untreated, whiplash can lead to immobility, muscular inflammation, headaches, migraines, dizziness, disk degeneration, and intense radiating pain. With specific physiotherapies and exercises, pain and inflammation decrease, and mobility returns.

How our Expert Physio Technicians Can Help you with Your Whiplash Recovery

At Regenerate Physiotherapy and Shockwave, our expert whiplash physiotherapists have years of specialized experience treating whiplash trauma. Regenerate Shockwave Therapy is the top physiotherapy clinic in West Edmonton. As everybody and everybody is unique, we carefully evaluate each case before suggesting a treatment. Here are a few common benefits to all whiplash cases, with descriptions of how you will benefit from whiplash physio treatment.

Speed up recovery: Once a patient has been injured, they come to us with one primary goal in mind – to recover as soon as possible. While it does take time for the body to correct and heal itself, with physiotherapy the recovery time is significantly shortened. Whiplash symptoms disappear more quickly and more fully. Since whiplash injuries can impact your lifestyle, our goal is to provide treatment that can help return to your regular routine faster. By getting whiplash physio treatment, you can speed up your recovery and prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

Prevent complications: If you fail to get immediate treatment for whiplash injuries, you are at risk of developing complications in the long run. Acute injuries, left untreated, can become chronic ones. Our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton West suggests whiplash physio treatment because of its long-term benefits. If you start physio treatment soon after your accident or injury, you are much more likely to recover entirely without having to deal with complications.

Avoid surgery: Whiplash physio treatment is a non-invasive alternative to non-life-threatening whiplash injuries. While serious accident injuries will have to be treated using surgery, less complicated and moderate-scale injuries can be treated with whiplash physio. By immediately starting the physio treatment soon after the accident, you can stimulate healing and strengthen your tendons and muscles. This will support your body structures and, in most cases, prevent the need for surgery.

Treat old injuries: Whiplash injuries tend to reappear in the form of reduced mobility and pain later on in life. However, if you suffered a whiplash injury a long time ago, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from our whiplash physio treatment. We can heal stubborn, established pain. If you had a whiplash injury earlier in life and started noticing its effects recently, you can still come to us to benefit from whiplash physio treatment.

If you are looking for the best physiotherapist near me online, then your search is over! All you have to do is get in touch with us and schedule an appointment.

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