What Conditions Are Commonly Treated Through Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a revolutionary physiotherapy technique that our expert physio technicians utilize to help treat chronic and stubborn pain conditions. At Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, we use a specialized sound wave applicator to send shockwaves into the part of the body that is causing pain or mobility issues.  This technique has proven to be effective in restoring the mobility of joints and healing a variety of painful muscle, tendon, and joint issues. Many patients ask about their pain and issues and if shockwave can help. Although shockwave therapy is extremely helpful for some conditions, it is not working or all problems and is not for everyone. 

Applications of Shockwave Therapy in our Physiotherapy Clinic here in Edmonton

Shockwave therapy has proven effective for treating both upper and lower limbs, which makes this treatment a good solution for many mobility and pain issues. After, we carefully examine and diagnose the problem, your expert therapist will be able to tell you what treatment options are the best for your pain or injury. Below we have listed some commonly diagnosed conditions that shockwave can help with. 

Tendinitis: Should tendinopathy, is a common issue that affects the shoulder joint. This painful condition can cause issues with your arm strength and make things like reaching for a glass of milk become painful.  Shockwave therapy effectively treats tendinitis when it is > 3 months of duration, and other conservative treatments have failed. In cases where the shoulder develops calcifications, shockwave is also indicated to help break down this excess of bone and help with tendon recovery.  .

Tennis elbow: This is an extremely common problem that affects your ability to grip and can cause issues with wrist and arm mobility. This issue can seriously limit your elbow joint mobility and can be very stubborn to recover from stretches and exercise. If this pain has been occurring longer than 4 months, and resistant to stretches, heat, tape, and needles, then shockwave therapy may be a great option for your recovery. It normally takes about 3-5 treatments, and about 3-5 months to feel the full effects. 

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome: Hip pain is a very common problem that many people will have. This condition affects the hip joint and can cause severe pain in the glute and the side of the hip. This can also cause hip bursitis, and painful tendon insertions. We commonly treat this using shockwave therapy. Before applying shockwave therapy, we isolate GTPS from other possible causes of hip pain, and shockwave therapy provides long-term relief from GTPS. This is because the back can radiate to the hip and we will always ensure that your pain is targeted for optimal results. 

Jumpers Knee: As the name suggests, this painful condition of the knee can be associated with sports, and people who are active. This condition is also known as Patellar tendinopathy, and patellar is the scientific name for kneecap. Shockwave therapy is one of the most effective treatment options for a jumper’s knee, and it provides quick relief to the sufferer.

Sciatica: If your pain is coming from your back and radiating down your leg. Shockwaves can be a very helpful treatment option. As long as there is no disk herniation, AND your nerve is not pinched by your spine (spinal stenosis) this treatment may be helpful for you. 

If you suspect you may be suffering from any of these conditions or other painful joint, muscle, or tendon conditions, it might be a good idea to give shockwave therapy a try. Look up physiotherapy near me or schedule a consultation to see if you qualify for shockwave therapy or not. 

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