What is deep oscillation therapy offered by our physio clinic in Edmonton?

Deep oscillation therapy

Deep oscillation is a unique and registered treatment technique that has been scientifically proven to help improve healing and recovery. This treatment can effectively treat both soft tissue and joint issues, and our physio clinic in Edmonton has been using this technique to treat injuries and pain issues successfully. At Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, our team offers deep oscillation therapy, so you can trust that you will start seeing some results within a few therapy sessions. However, since deep oscillation is a modern physio technique, many people are still aren’t sure what exactly this technique is and how it works. 

How is Deep Oscillation Therapy Performed at Our Physio Clinic in Edmonton?

A lot of patients that have deep oscillation therapy at our physio clinic in Edmonton are interested in knowing how the therapy is performed. This treatment utilizes specialized tools and involves the use of either hands or a handheld applicator that is used to generate electrostatic energy oscillations. As the name suggests, deep oscillation therapy involves sending oscillations generated by the handheld applicator deep into the muscle (8 mc) or tissue to help improve circulation and lymph flow. These oscillations produce gentle deep vibrations in the tissues, tendons, and joints that can effectively help treat different pain and injuries.

How does deep oscillation therapy work? 

 Deep oscillation therapy uses electrostatic energy to create gentle pain relieving vibrations in the muscle. These deep vibrations can cause a rippling effect, similar to when you make the bed and flap the sheets to get them to straighten out. These gentle waves help remove pain and inflammation all by improving circulation and lymphatic flow. 

What is deep oscillation therapy used to treat?  

Our physio clinic has successfully treated many issues using deep oscillation therapy, and this technique has plenty of useful applications. Some common applications of this therapy technique are as follows:

Pre and post-operative therapy: This can be highly effective in helping you recover from recent surgeries such as joint replacement. Deep oscillation can help reduce inflammation and pain, which are common side effects of any surgery.

Sports-related strain and trauma: Deep oscillation therapy also has its applications in sports-related injury recovery. Whether it is trauma caused by overstraining during sports or an impact injury, this therapy technique can help you return to your peak performance in no time. 

Chronic pain: Chronic pain treatment is the most common application of this physiotherapy technique. By increasing blood flow to the affected region, this technique can help reduce chronic pain. 

 Our Edmonton-based physical therapy clinic offers deep oscillation therapy under the supervision of expert technicians. So if you are looking for this therapy treatment here in Edmonton, simply get in touch with us.

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