What Questions Should Be Asked About Deep Oscillation Therapy?

When it comes to reducing pain and healing various muscular and bone-related issues; you will find several therapies on the internet. But Deep Oscillation Therapy is a unique, Health Canada Approved treatment, that is steadily gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and safe nature. 

I Heard About the Treatment but Will it Help me?

It is awesome to come to our Regenerate Shockwave Therapy clinic and ask questions about this treatment. But please remember, we offer a variety of advanced clinical modalities and not all are appropriate for every patient. Only after a thorough examination will the therapist be able to customize a treatment plan that will meet your unique needs and requirements. Also, all of our custom treatment plans will include education, and exercises that will help you recover quicker. 

When you come to our clinic through deep oscillation therapy near me; you will see that our team of therapists are trained and have knowledge about the treatment. 

What is Deep Oscillation?

Deep oscillation uses electrostatic energy to massage deep inside the muscles. This helps create a pumping effect in the tissue and has been shown helpful in decreasing inflammation and swelling.  Your therapist can transfer this energy into your body through an applicator or directly through the therapist hands using nitrile gloves. This creates a small vibration feeling on the skin and can often be felt deep into the tissue. 

How The Treatment Process Is Completed?

The applicator or the therapist’s hand is circulated on the area to be treated. The electrostatic field is then transferred into your body at a depth of 8 cm. In fact, there is some literature that suggests it can be helpful in lung conditions and this level of depth of penetration is significant. Therefore, this treatment is able to create a deep and gentle vibration deep into the target tissue. 

How long is each Deep Oscillation treatment?

The time duration of the treatment depends on the intensity of the problems that the patient is facing. In addition, this treatment is NOT used in isolation and is part of a complete physiotherapy assessment and treatment. This means that time will also be spent on confirming the diagnosis, educating patients on their disease or injury, and which exercises to complete, modify or remove. 

Is The Treatment Effective?

All of the patients who visited our clinic for deep oscillation therapy in Edmonton are satisfied with the treatment provided. But as we stated above, this treatment is only part of the whole picture. 

What Problems is most effective for deep oscillation?

This therapy is used for healing several various body issues. These include muscle relaxation, swelling reduction, increase the process of healing, improvement of the flow of blood, pain relief and part of a comprehensive injury recovery plan.

How It Is Used After A Surgical Procedure?

This treatment may be helpful in post surgical pain and healing times. 

Can It Be Used With Other Treatments?

Yes! It is always part of a comprehensive physiotherapy regime!

So, if you have any further queries just feel free to contact us on our website link https://regenerateshockwavetherapy.com/deep-oscillation-therapy/.

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