The Treatment Process at Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton

Start your recovery journey at our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton. With our expert physiotherapists and advanced treatment techniques, we promote optimal healing for all our patients.

Our Expert Physios Providing Optimal Treatment Solutions

With great experience and result-oriented procedures, our expert physios will target your persistent pains, sports injuries, and post-surgical issues.

Relief from Stubborn Pain

The team at Regenerate Shockwave Therapy will always perform a a full and proper diagnosis and treat every patient with the personalized and individualized treatment protocol.

Strength and Endurance

We enable our patients to gain control over their injuries and pain. Plus, we will be here to help you further pursue achieving your fitness goals.

Why Choose Our Services?

Many doctors, athletes, and other patients recommend our clinic for physiotherapy services in Edmonton.

Individualized Support

Each patient is thoroughly assessed and diagnosed. We provide them support through e-mails and as well as through phone calls, virtual video platforms and in person treatment.

Established Trust

Many patients and doctors recommend us to their family, friends and co-workers.

Patient-Centered Treatment Plans

The treatment plans we offer are always patient-centered. Your individual goals, wants and needs are important to us. Don’t get lost in the system, get the answers you deserve!

What to Expect On Your First Visit?

Upon visiting our clinic, you can expect us to start with the following process to kick start your treatment.

  • A detailed assessment by our experts
  • Educating you to gain control over your pain and injuries
  • Providing modern treatments to boost your optimal healing process
  • Providing a plan for exercise and customized body re-programming
The Type of Treatments You Can Expect

Our approach includes getting to the root of the problem to balance and improve your body’s functionality.

Manual Therapy

An important technique to assess the muscles and then treat the problems related to musculoskeletal disability and pain.

Neuromuscular Approach

Our highly-trained professionals assess and treat the problems related to your neurological system for quick recovery. Remember, our muscles do not function without the nerves that send impulses to make them move. Our neuromuscular approach makes sure your ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ is operating to full capacity.

Advanced Therapies

We also provide modern and advanced forms of treatments to cure or improve stubborn pain and difficult conditions.

The treatment techniques that we use in our pain clinic in Edmonton include the following:

  • Orthopedic sports therapy
  • Motor vehicle rehab
  • IMS/Acupuncture
  • Shockwave therapy (focus and radial)
  • Spinal decompression
  • Vestibular therapy
Results of Our Therapy

Our patients have seen tremendous results in getting relieved from pain and getting rid of inflammation. Techniques utilized by our experts have helped the patients in improving the mobility of their muscles, joints, and nerves.

Get Started With Us

Are you suffering from muscular pain or injury? Visit our website and contact our experts to book an appointment today! We promise to help our customers with the best of our services. With our treatment, not only your condition will become better, but also your general well-being and overall quality of life will enhance.

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