Regenerate Physiotherapy - Edmonton Clinic

Get the best physio treatment to remove pain and increase your strength without meds.

At our Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic, receive the most advanced treatment options to get the results you need. Our Physio’s will guide you to full recovery and explain the best options for treatment.

We simplify treatment plans that are effective, safe, and customized to your individual needs.

Why Choose To Regenerate?

Movement Experts
Trusted, reliable, and customized treatment. 
Canadas Sport Specialist 
Continued Access to one of Canada's only Sport Specialist. 
Effective Technologies
Modern and effective technologies and treatments. 

Our Physio Approach

Our priority is to provide individualized, unique, and effective therapy programs at our Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic. We will identify and treat the root of your problem. Our physios are movement experts and skilled to diagnose your problems.

We ensure the best rehabilitation program to get you moving without pain.

Our Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic is specialized in treating stubborn and resistant injuries. Decrease the need for meds by relieving pain while staying strong and fit. We use the most advanced physiotherapy techniques combined with strong rehab programs. This modern way of treatment can heal both acute and chronic injury and pain. Find the best physiotherapist clinic in Edmonton to simplify your pain treatment and take away the stress of the process. 
What Can Good Physio Do?
Reduce Your Pain
Gain Your Mobility
Get back to Life
We offer the best Physiotherapy Edmonton and our many happy patients show the success of our services. Our Physiotherapy in Edmonton offers Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture/IMS needles, Manipulation, and Customized Exercise Programs.

We have a team of Movement Experts that make our clinic the best for our patients! 
Our Physio Works
Thorough assessment to pin point the problem
Accurate diagnosis 
Most advanced treatments 
Referral when necessary 
Follow up to ensure your recovery 


Shockwave Therapy
(Short blasts of sound to get cells happy and remove pain)
Spinal Decompression
(Computerized Technology to help decrease pressure in your spine and increase blood flow)
Laser Therapy
(Light waves to remove inflammation)
IMS / Dry needling / Acupuncture
(Small needles inserted into tight muscles and trigger points to release tension)
Spine and Peripheral Manipulation
(Gentle techniques we use to restore joint movement-Sometimes you hear a crack)
Mens Pelvic Health
(Specialized physio for treatment for mens health)
Get Strong, Get Moving
Regenerate, Remodel 
Get Back To Life