Physiotherapy in Edmonton All You Need to Know

Restore and maintain your muscle mobility with our effective services of physiotherapy in Edmonton. We can help you with quality physiotherapy treatments for quick and effective results. More so, with our advanced treatment techniques, you can see the positive results even after the first session.

In case you are planning to visit the physiotherapist for the first time, then check out some more information below regarding what you may experience during your session.

When Do I Need To Visit An Expert Physio?

If you are suffering from acute and chronic pains that are affecting your everyday body functionality, then visiting a physiotherapist is highly recommended.

Things To Expect When Visiting A Physiotherapist In Edmonton

A physiotherapist will work as a sole practitioner but will also work with other members of your team including doctors, other therapists and specialists to help provide the best treatment options. While meeting our experts, you can expect the following things:

  • The physio may ask about your medical history
  • They will diagnose the condition and refer to other treatments for testing if needed
  • Help explore your goals of treatment and overall health
  • Create a customized treatment plan according to your individual health needs and lifestyle
  • Prescribe treatments (like exercise) and over the medicines (if required)

The Type of Physiotherapy Treatments

The list of the treatments to expect in a physiotherapy clinic comprises of:

  • Customized exercise programs (to improve strength and mobility)
  • Manual manipulation
  • Manual muscle massage
  • Joint massage and movements to reduce stiffness
  • Wound and trauma care
  • Education so you can help understand your diagnosi and how to help

Techniques to Be Used In Physiotherapy

The physio will first diagnose your condition to devise a treatment plan best suitable for you.

The traditional and modern techniques that are widely used to treat patients with acute and chronic pain include:

  • Manual manipulation
  • Electrical nerve stimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Functional testing
  • Regenerative medicine techniques
  • Exercise prescription

What Treatments Can You Expect From Us?

Our qualified and highly-skilled team of physiotherapists will seek to understand all your needs and provide effective results through the following modern techniques:

  • Dry Needling/ Intramuscular Needling (IMS)
  • Laser Treatment
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Target radioifrequency
  • Deep oscillation therapy
  • Micro currents therapy

These advanced techniques are used to provide quick results with minimal to no side effects.

What Kind of Side-Effects Are Associated with Physiotherapy Treatment?

The advanced techniques to treat chronic pains have no severe side-effects. Some of the issues that you can feel right after the treatment may include:

  • Mild discomfort
  • Post exercise or manipulation pain

You can easily recover from these within 12-24 hours.

Wrap up

Being one of the best clinics for Physiotherapy in Edmontonwe cater to all related problems of our clients and provide them with effective results and better health conditions.

With treatments like IMS, acupuncture, manual manipulation and  laser therapy, our people get a quick recovery from their pain and injuries. Click to know more about our services and book an appointment with our expert physiotherapists for quick healing results.

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