Treat Tendinopathy With Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Are you suffering from Tendonitis? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We provide some of the best physiotherapy options in Edmonton to treat this condition.

What is Tendonitis?

The tendons are the rope-like tissues that contain collagen proteins and connect muscles to the bones. Tendonitis is a condition where the tendon may become overused and can start to break down.  This can result in micro tears, inflammation, and scar tissue plaques. This causes burning pain and restricts the affected area’s flexibility and range of motion. Tendinitis can also present as tendinosis or tendinopathy that is more of a chronic tendon problem.

How Do You Know If You Have This Condition?

Are you having muscle pain near your elbow or shoulder area? If so, then you must check for the following symptoms to diagnose if you have this condition or not:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Weak muscles
  • Warm skin on the affected area

If any of the above symptoms are causing you discomfort, get in touch with us to find a custom treatment plan.

What is The Cause Behind This Condition?

The common reasons for tendonitis include:

  • Overuse of tendon tissue
  • Calcium deposit near the tendon
  • Bone spurs
  • Excessive jumping and running activities with improper techniques or posture
  • Poor sporting technique
  • Extreme physical activity
  • Under active

How Can We Diagnose This Issue?

Our experts use the following methods to diagnose tendonitis:

  • MRI Scan
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Clinical exam

Treating Tendonitis with Physiotherapy

Multiple techniques of physiotherapy can be used to treat the problem of tendonitis. The most common practices that can be used are as follows:

Eccentric Exercises

They have shown successful clinical results on athletes and other patients suffering from this condition. These techniques have no adverse side effects, making them one of the safest ways for treatment.

With eccentric exercises the overall mobility of a person can be improved along with muscle strengthening. Such exercises do not only exert helpful mechanical effects but also help in developing and promoting the formation of collagen fiber cross-links within the tendon to facilitate healing.

Other Techniques:

The other techniques include ultrasound, laser therapy, and shock wave, but they all have some conflicting results in different studies. It also depends on the stage of healing and in combination with an excellent rehab program.

Ultrasound and shockwave have shown results in some cases but do not display promising and consistent progress.

So far, the best physiotherapy treatment for tendonitis  is eccentric exercises. The studies have shown positive and quick pain healing with this treatment. Such exercises also provide long term results.

The Process We Go Through To Treat Tendonitis

We use the best physiotherapy techniques to provide quick results. Our team of physiotherapy in Edmonton follows the below mentioned steps to ensure correct treatment for you.

Understanding the Condition

To optimize your healing, our experts study your condition to create a suitable treatment plan so you can recover fast.

Empowering Clients

With our treatments, you can have control over your pain and injuries. This will help you in quick recovery.


Our modern and effective treatments help you achieve a balanced body and prevent further discomfort.

Check out the services that we provide: For further queries and details, contact our experts to get a customized therapy plan for your problems.

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