Who Provides Virtual Physiotherapy In Edmonton?

Virtual physiotherapy is a breakthrough in telemedicine. During the coronavirus pandemic, virtual physiotherapy sessions have gained much popularity. At Regenerate Physio, we offer physiotherapy in the Edmonton area virtually and at our state-of-the-art physio clinic. Virtual physiotherapy, when done with the help of trained and experienced physiotherapists, can be just as effective as in-clinic one. The most significant benefit of virtual physiotherapy is the convenience and affordability it provides to the patients. With that being said, not many people know about how effective virtual physiotherapy can be. In this article, we will tell you about the effectiveness and procedure of virtual physiotherapy in edmonton.

How Does an Expert Physio Instructor Conduct a Virtual Physiotherapy Session?     

Many patients interested in virtual physiotherapy are curious about how a virtual physiotherapy session takes place. Since virtual physiotherapy is a relatively new concept, you have to make sure you have an expert physio instructor or a therapist to guide you through the process. We have therapists for virtual physiotherapy, and this is how we conduct a virtual physiotherapy session

Booking a virtual physiotherapy appointment: The first step to a virtual physiotherapy session is booking the appointment. For an online physiotherapy session, you can book a virtual physiotherapy appointment with our experts. Let us know your preferred date and time and we will reserve the slot for you depending on availability.

Starting the session: We will send you an email with a secure link on the day and time you selected when booking the virtual physiotherapy session. All you have to do is click on the secure link you received in the email from us and your session will be started.

Note: You must have a computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection to start your virtual physiotherapy session.

Review your symptoms: If it is your first physiotherapy session, our therapist will hear your concerns and discomfort on the video chat. We might also assess your movement on the video to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain. In case you have scheduled a follow-up physiotherapy session, we will already have your previous medical history.

Suggesting treatment: Whether it is your first appointment or a follow-up, we will recommend a brand new physio program for you or modify your existing one depending on your needs and progress.

Virtual Physiotherapy and the Current Pandemic  

During the current Covid-19 pandemic staying indoors is the best possible way to keep yourself and the family safe. Staying home is essential, especially for older individuals. However, they are the ones that mostly require physiotherapy and are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of the coronavirus. So until it is safe to go out, virtual physiotherapy is an excellent alternative for people who require regular physio sessions. So if you are looking online for “virtual physiotherapy near me,” you should instead consider booking a virtual physiotherapy appointment with us. It is convenient and safe to go for virtual physiotherapy at the same time, it is also cheaper.

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