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Back Pain Clinic Edmonton: Specializing in Stubborn Pain

Our Edmonton Back Pain Clinic offers the most advanced protocols for back pain. Back pain is a common problem for many of our patients. Some of our patients have had chronic low back pain. Others have experienced a newer episode of back pain that has been difficult to resolve.

Back pain occurs for variety of reasons and is often reported as severe, irritable, and resistant to care There are many different treatment options for patients. Often, back pain remedies are expensive, time consuming, confusing and difficult for patients.

At Regenerate Edmonton Back Pain Clinic: We Believe

The recovery for many back conditions can be accomplished without surgery or opioids. The majority of stubborn back pain conditions can improve and we have an astonishingly high success rate! 

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Our Back Pain Clinic Edmonton Protocols include:

Performing an In-Depth Assessment and Diagnosis 
Effective Treatment Options 
Modern and Traditional Therapies

What are the most effective treatment options for back pain?

There are a variety of techniques and treatments that can help restore mechanical back movement, reduce nerve irritation, remove muscle tension and restore strength. No matter what treatment is recommended, strengthening is a key component to ensuring back pain is gone for good. 

Eliminate Pain For Good

Advanced Technology and Techniques

Our physio clinic is equipped with may advanced technologies that can ease back pain. These effective technologies may include: shockwave therapy, spinal decompression, and hands on techniques to restore joint mobility. You will be educated on which technology will best suit your needs. 

Simplified Education on Condition

Our Back Pain Clinic Physios are here to help. We offer education to help you understand your back problem and how to recover. All of our patients are educated on the diagnosis and how to effectively treat back pain when at home and on the job. 

Customized Strength Improvement

Our physio will perform testing and find out what best strength exercises are needed. Many patients have tried exercise before, but our approach is customized. We offer 1-1, in depth, simple and effective exercises.
All patients following our exercise protocol will be educated on how to approach the exercises. Sometimes fine tuning and technique is needed.

We use over the phone, in clinic, and email follow up to ensure our patients are happy with their progress. 

Get Strong, For Good

Commonly, patients with back pain may believe their back is weak. However, this "weakness" could be a tight, inhibited, or overactive muscle instead. Our movement experts will identify the true cause of your pain and the appropriate treatment needed for recovery. 

Learn how to create muscle balance that will lead to healing and recovery!

6 Common Myths About Back Pain.

Myth # 1 
You back goes “out” of alignment and needs manipulation
This is simply not true. If a back goes “out’of alignment this is a serious medical condition. Backs do not always 'need' manipulation to go back in. Typically a tight muscles makes us feel like our backs are “out” and joints can get really stiff. Stiff joints can definately effect our movement. Simple exercises are normally enough to relieve this sensation. In some cases manipulation is needed.  

Myth # 2
Backs are weak
Many people believe that the back is weak and is susceptible to damage. This is NOT true. Our spines are incredibly strong and resilient. These structures are able to support our bodies through many different forces and movements. The back can recover from significant trauma such as blows, falls, accidents, and disk herniations.

Myth # 3
Diagnostic Imaging tells all
"Disk bulges and loss of disk height means that my back is weak and will always be painful
This is another myth. Did you know that common imaging of spines do not equal pain or dysfunction. This means that things like disk space narrowing, disk herniations, and severity of arthritis does NOT equal pain. 

Myth # 4
Chronic Back pain can’t get better
This is entirely not true. Many patients with chronic back pain learn how to increase mobility and strength in their spines and pelvis. This allows for decrease in pain and gets people returning to the activities they enjoy.

Myth #5
Stretches cure back pain
Stretches are a helpful way to help ease back pain. However, stretches are not the 'cure'. Best evidence suggests exercise is KING. All kinds including strength, walking, and activities prove more effective than stretching. Also, stretches will not prevent back pain. Exercises are more “preventative” and likely to help you recover from a back injury if you continue to build strength and resilience.

Myth # 6
You can prevent back pain with core exercises
Back pain is very common and occurs for a variety of reasons. Back pain can happen even with small tasks like picking up something from the ground. These "episodes" can be normal occurrences and pain will usually subside. Usually time will help you recover. There is no prevention for this. Although core exercises are not the only prevention, they can very helpful. Generally speaking, a well balanced lifestyle that includes activity is preventative for recovering from a back pain episode.   

Recovery May Be Closer then You Think...

The road to recovery is not always a straight path. Our clinical expertise will help you gain control over your injury and feel better. Check below for some of our common treatment options for stubborn and chronic back pain. 
Spinal Decompression Treatment 
Shockwave Therapy 
Neuro Muscular Needling 
Intramuscular Electrical Stimulation 
Muscle Retraining Techniques
Joint Therapy 

Common Treable Conditions 

Arthritis and Degeneration 
Disk Loss
Chronic Back Pain
Piriformis Syndrome
Radiating Pain
Chronic Muscular Pain and Dysfunction 

Tried everything and still no relief?

Man taking medicine
If you have failed all treatment options we recommend giving us a call. We specialize in patients that suffer from chronic low back pain and conditions that have been resistant to treatment. We offer simplified and life restoring therapy that helps many of our patients recover from back pain and injury.