What are the Benefits of Getting Chiropractic Treatment at our Pain Clinic in Edmonton?

Chronic pain is a common complaint often caused by bones, joints and muscles getting out of place. That is where chiropractic treatment offered by our pain clinic in Edmonton comes in. At Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, we have provided chiropractic treatment to patients of all ages to treat several pain-related issues. At our clinic, our expert physio and chiro staff uses a hands-on approach and specialized devices for all our treatments, providing relief to our patients.

The Benefits of Getting Chiropractic Treatment from Our Expert Physio Technicians

Reduce neck pain and lower back pain: There are two areas of your spine that are not supported by ribs, your neck and your lower back. The ribs act as stabilizers, which is why you’ve probably not heard too many people complaining about their mid-back troubles, but have heard lots of stories about neck pain and lower backaches. Chiropractic treatment can positively reduce and eliminate all types of back pain, even pain that radiates into the legs and arms. Treatments bring your spine, the central core framework of your body, into alignment. Once aligned, mobility increases, tension decreases, and inflammation is alleviated. We suggest you pay a visit to our clinic to try our chiropractic procedures. We use highly specialized spinal manipulation techniques to reduce back pain and provide comfort.

Correct vertigo, sciatica, and scoliosis: In the wrong position, your spine can infringe on muscles, nerve clusters and other tissues, creating chronic symptoms, syndromes and discomfort. Many conditions can be eased by reducing the pressures caused by a misaligned spine. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you are a perfect candidate for our chiropractic treatment at our pain management clinic. Since these conditions are often directly linked with movement issues, once you start chiropractic treatment you will automatically experience better mobility.

Going painkiller-free: If your goal is to be pain and painkiller-free, then chiropractic treatment is the way for you. Chiropractic manipulation provides relief without the chemicals. Once you start our chiropractic treatment, you will have to rely less on painkillers for pain and headaches as the treatment will help you regain your body’s innate equilibrium, naturally.

Less expensive and less invasive than surgery: While chiropractic treatment is not an alternative to surgery in severe cases, it is an effective alternative to surgery if your spinal issues are minor to moderate. Not to mention it costs a fraction of the amount of spinal surgery in regards to your time and effort to recover. Many of our clients exclaim how much better they feel immediately after a treatment.

Great for athletes: The spine of an athlete is subject to extremely repetitive motions and often bears much more load. It makes sense for athletes to pay particular attention to their spinal care to reduce pain, improve performance and gain top range of motion.

Chiro/Physio dual treatments: At our clinic, we provide pure chiropractic treatments, but also offer hybrid treatments that include chiropractic manipulations together with physiotherapy. To see if this therapeutic hybrid remedy is for you, our experts assess your body, recommending the most effective regimen best suited to you.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our pain management clinic! We’d be happy to hear from you and support your well-being.

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