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Did you know you can get athlete-grade treatment for your chronic pain? Getting the same treatment that world-renowned sportspeople get is now within reach of individuals like you and me. If you think that only sports injuries can get specialized treatment, then we have good news for you. We know how debilitating pain can be, degrading one’s quality of life and making even the simplest of tasks a challenge. Regardless of the injury, if you have had chronic pain from that will not go away, the Regenerate Clinic is offering one of the best physiotherapy Edmonton. We will look at why it is better than the competition and the treatments they offer.

Holistic Treatment not Just Numbing the Pain

One of the most appealing aspects of getting treatment at Regenerate Shockwave therapy is how the problem or injury is handled. Unlike the usually run-of-the-mill physiotherapy clinics that would just focus on the symptom or pain. At Regenerate, you can expect to get a holistic treatment. You will be educated about your problem and your pain and fitness goals will be discussed. You will be given a complete and comprehensive treatment plan that will work to solve the root of the problem, not just pain relief.  The following are some of the issues and injuries Regenerate pain clinic Edmonton handles:

Increase in Sports Performance

We offer the latest diagnostic tools and techniques that can identify muscular imbalances in the body. Suppose you are an athlete striving to increase your performance, talk to our expert physio and see how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dealing with Stubborn Tendinitis

If you thought that you had tried every solution to try and rid yourself of pain due to tendinitis, then you have not reached out to us. Using the latest solutions, science has to offer and the best cutting-edge physiotherapy techniques that involve muscle programming will get you your desired results and pain relief.

Post Surgery Pain Issues

Certain surgeries are essential for survival and getting back on the road to recovery; however, in the immediate time, they can be uncomfortable and cause pain. Regenerate pain clinic Edmonton experts can help you recover in lesser time and better manner than usual.

Balance – Vestibular Issues

Vertigo can be very uncomfortable and debilitating; we at Regenerate offer therapies and treatments for various problems associated with inner ear dysfunction.

Chronic Pain

Various injuies can be the reason for lasting pain. Some people give up hope on ever getting rid of their pain meds when it comes to such chronic pain. We specialize in the treatment of various types of chronic pain of the spine, knee and many other areas.

Road Injuries

A traffic accident can result in injury to the neck, as happens in the case of whiplash. Other types of damages that result from such accidents can leave side effects in the form of torn ligaments, muscle injury, fractures, among others. Our holistic approach to treating our clients ensures that the root cause is addressed, providing lasting relief.

Regenerate ShockWave Physiotherapy Edmonton

We offer the best physiotherapy west Edmonton; we do this by combining the latest physiotherapy and the latest in shockwave therapy. This allows us to address the root of the issue and hence provide relief by fixing the problem that caused the pain in the first place. At our Regenerate physiotherapy Edmonton clinic, you will find both Radial Pressure Wave and Extracorporeal Focus Shockwave option. The shockwave machines remove pain, increase blood flow, break down scar tissue and reduce inflammation. You can reach our representative by calling  +1 780-705-5774 Monday to Friday 9 am-7 pm or email us at or fill out the form here.

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