So what really is Extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy?

What is extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy ?

Extracorpeal shockwave therapy is a form of sound therapy. In fact, these sound waves enter the body and are able to influence our tissues at a cellular level. Extracorpeal shockwave is a cellular therapy that can regenerate damaged tissue. Soundwaves are strong mechanical impulses that can active stem cells. These shockwaves can break down scar tissue and allow for increase blood flow.

Sound waves can heal the body? How is this so?….

Scientists still are reaseaching how extracorpeal shockwaves work. We know that shockwave is a trigger for cells to create change. These cells are responsible for regulating inflammation and healing. Extracorpeal shockwaves can even promote angiogenesis (blood flow), and strength of muscle! This means that when the sound passes through the cell, it can tell the cell to relax and get better…

Cellular communication is important. We know that are cells are able to talk to each other to figure out how to adapt. The human body is incredibly smart and this intelligent communication goes unnoticed. Given the right environment, our bodies are able to adapt and improve its strength to get better.

Why is cellular regeneration important? 

  • Our cells interact together
  • Are muscles and tendons are made up of cells
  • Happy cells= Happy body

Does shockwave work better with physio!

Extracorpeal shockwave therapy  is a powerful adjunct to physiotherapy practice. It helps to get people moving and able to take part in a home exercise program. It can remove calcium deposits, blast away inflammation, and reduce pain around nerves. Extracorpeal shockwave therapy helps create new blood vessels and can increase blood flow.
These powerful effects can combine with physiotherapy. This combo can increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The benefits of exercise are HUGE and the combination of this treatment is powerful.

How does the treatment look like?

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