Shockwave Therapy Cost For ED

One of the most common common questions our Mens Pelvic patients have is the cost for shockwave and ED. Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, is a modern, innovative and rapidly expanding procedure that may assist you in improving erectile function.

Men's Pelvic Health Shockwave $250.00 per treatment.
Typical Protocol: Two biweekly treatments that can be repeated for six weeks. Total= 6 treatments 

Current Shockwave Trends In Canada

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment is gaining popularity by doctors, therapist and patients. The reason being? It is non-invasive and it has a high success rate. Shockwave therapy is a safe, effective and regenerative modality that can help grow new vessels and strengthen existing vessels.

It can have an immediate and direct impact on pro angiogenic blood flow factors like Nitric Oxide. This allows for blood vessels to dilate and open for more blood flow. It can help with scar tissue, trauma, and even blocked vessels. Shockwave therapy can be used in isolation and can also be used with other therapies such as PRP injections. In fact, it is known that shockwave therapy can make PRP injections more effective for patients. Priority for our clinic is to educate men, normalize this problem, promote healthy lifestyle changes, and offer pelvic floor exercise. 

So Whats the Difference Between Focus Shockwave And Radial Shockwave? 

Currently, most Clinics in Canada offering shockwave therapy for Ed are using focus shockwave devices. These sound wave impulses are able to pass though the entire penis and treat the perineal region and deep blood vessels within this region important for improved symptoms. Currently, most research indicates that Focus shockwave is most effective for erectile dysfunction. There is limited evidence that radial shockwave can be used for ED in isolation.