Treating All Men With ED

Edmonton: Mens Health and Erectile Dysfunction Clinic FAQ!

How Do we Commonly Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Edmonton is located in our Men’s Health Clinic. Shockwave Therapy is a effective treatment for men suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED).

This treatment uses a sound probe that allows the sound wave to penetrate into the tissue of the penis.
These sound waves are unique because they are able to work on a cellular level. This means that as the sound wave passes through the cells it can do the following to the tissue:

Remove scar tissue or plaque Grow new blood vessels Strengthen existing blood vessels Improve blood flow markers Improve nerve function 

How Do Shockwaves Work? 

Shockwaves can break down scar tissue and remove plaque in the blood vessel. Once these restrictions release the blood flow will improve. This increase in blood will can improve sexual performance and satisfaction. Nerve function can also increase as the shockwave will work on increasing sensitivity. This increase in sensation can increase hardness and endurance.

What does the Treatment Look Like? 

Shockwaves are applied to the pelvic floor which is beneath the testicles as above. This area is important because of the number of blood vessels located here. Like a root to a tree, this area is very important for erectile function. It holds a lot of blood flow and also these muscles are essential for maintaing erections. This is why our physio will help determine if your pelvic floor muscles are firing. If required you will taught easy exercises to help train these muscles. This allows for the muscles to increase strength and endurance and improve function.

What Type of Men Can be Treated? 

All types of men can get shockwaves for erectile dysfunction. It is no secret that many men (> 40%) will suffer from ED in there lifetime. This means that ED can occur for a variety of reasons. Our Men’s Health Clinic provides treatment for men of all ages. We see men ranging from mid 20’s to over 65 years. We have great success treating men of varying dysfunction and medical conditions. We have success with the following : Men who do not respond to medications Men who do respond to medications but want to decrease med use Men who have prostate issues, diabetes, or other circulatory problems Men who have had trauma to the area Men who simply want to improve their sex life 

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