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Located in the prestigious Coronation Physiotherapy Centre (est. 1994). We provide optimal, safe and effective treatments for erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common complaint in male sexual medicine. It is described as the persistent difficulty or inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for successful intercourse. ED can effect 52% of men. It is often accompanied by both physical and psychosocial health effects for men and their partners.
Erectile dysfunction can be occurring due to a number of reasons and it is always a good idea to contact your medical doctor to determine any other underlying medical conditions. 

Potential Causes 

Commonly Reported Age Related Changes
Heart Problems
Clogged Vessels

Neurological Disorders
Prostate Cancer Treatment
Injury or Trauma
Tobacco Use or Toxins

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Shockwave Therapy

In modern-day treatment of erectile dysfunction, shock waves transmit energy into the penis to improve metabolism, increases blood circulation and regenerate damaged tissue. This effect is known as neovascularization This breakthrough, non-invasive medical therapy uses focus soundwaves to restore and improve blood flow. Low intensity shockwaves have been shown to strengthen vessels in the penis by creating new blood vessels. They can help break down scar tissue and plaques restricting blood flow. As some men age, the vessels their penis may weaken, increase micro plaque, and lead to the tiny vessels coming obstructed. This makes it harder to achieve and maintain a strong erection. 
Blood Flow
Remove restrictions like scar tissue or plaque
Nitric Oxide 
Increase blood flow markers 
Increase sexual performance 
By increasing blood flow to the penis, men will have stronger, harder and more sustainable erections. These will occur naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical medications such as Viagra.


Shockwaves are applied using a treatment head directly to the the penis and pelvic floor (muscles underneath the testicles).

This acoustic energy is then transferred into the tissue of the penis and pelvic floor. As the sound waves pass into the tissue they are able to break down restrictions and excite healing cells like stem cells and other important cells for regeneration.
Some men sense a small snapping sensation on the skin while others do not feel any sensation.The procedure is painless and without side effects.


Shockwaves are able to target all vessels within the penis and deeper vessels under the pelvic floor.
Success rate can vary, but more than 60 percent of our patients have a good outcome with focus shockwaves for ED! After the physical therapy medical questionnaire, erectile dysfunction questionnaire, subjective and objective testing. At this point, you may begin treatment, or you may also be required to go back to your doctor or sent to a specialist. Although many men have erectile dysfunction and are wanting treatment, not all men are appropriate for this procedure.  


No side effects
No sedation or anesthesia required
Continue your normal life after each session.

How Do I Know If This Treatment
Is Right For Me?

Step One
Book a FREE over phone or clinical consult. Your therapist will discuss potential causes of ED.
Step Two
You will book a time for the clinical assessment and treatment. 
Step Three
Your Mens Health Physiotherapist will administer the treatment.  
Enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of increased sexual performance

Reduce Meds,
Increase Performance!

Finally, a natural solution to increase blood flowand improve sexual performance!

Powerful Results

Increased erections: morning, night and throughout the day
More sensitivity to the penis
Increased effects of ED medications
Increased erection time
Increased girth and vasculature size of the penis
Shorter rebound time after climax to regain an erection
Reported improvement within 2 weeks of treatment
High rate of reported satisfaction 1 year following treatment


Our Advanced Technology For ED

With the Duolith Ultra Focus device, shock waves can be delivered at varying depths and intensity into the penis and perineal region. These low intensity sound waves trigger the body's natural repair mechanism.

Shock wave therapy as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is approved in over 20 countries worldwide and The European Association of Urology has listed shock wave therapy as a first line therapy for ED.

Some men who do not respond to medications can gain enough improvement to turn into responders. Other men, who respond to medications are able to use less and have spontaneous erections. Men in Edmonton will be glad to know that Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is a painless and non-invasive treatment.

Edmonton men of all ages suffering from Erectile Dysfunction now have access to this exciting new treatment.

Treatment Protocol 

Protocol 1

6 Treatments Completed
One treatment every 7 days

Protocol 2 two

6 Treatments Completed
Two biweekly treatments completed
Rest Week
Two biweekly treatments completed
Rest Week
Two biweekly treatments