Cold Laser Therapy Edmonton

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Cold laser therapy Edmonton is a popular treatment that is seen in rehab clinics. Low-level laser therapy is used to relieve pain in different musculoskeletal disorders. It has been considered a promising therapeutic intervention. Because of its effect on the inflammatory process after injury.

Some proposed effects include; improved cellular oxygenation, reduced pain molecules and anti-inflammatory properties. This can lead to an improved healing environment for your tissue…

This is also one of the reasons it is used to reduce inflammation after a recent injury.

How does cold laser therapy in Edmonton work?

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Laser therapy involves a simple, non-invasive, “point-and-shoot” technique.
It works by:

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  • Cellular activation to increase energy like ATP
  • Increase oxygen to cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • These effects can increase cell movement and growth, and reduce pain with healing.

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What are the two types of lasers?

Low Level Laser Therapy (Class IIIb)

Depth of treatment target: < 0.5 cm.

Cold laser therapy are capable of reaching up to 0.5 cm. Cold Laser therapy are good for conditions near or below the skin.

Cant penetrate joint, muscle, nerve, bone or spinal disc conditions. It also can take longer to perform the treatment.

High Power Laser Therapy (Class IV):

Depth of Penetration: > 4 cm. High Power Lasers are able to go deeper than Cold Laser Therapy. Can target joints, deeper muscles and nerves.


  • Can cause tissue damage more easily

Treatment times are less when treating with High Power Laser Therapy.

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This sounds great, what does the evidence tell us?

Cold laser therapy and tendinitis or tendinopathy

  • Research indicates that cold laser therapy does not work in isolation for this condition
  • Some minimal benefits are seen when it is  included with rehab exercise treatment

Cold laser therapy and plantarfasciitis 

  • Some evidence to help decrease pain for a short while
  • Will not cure problem in isolation

Cold laser therapy and heel spurs

  • Limited benefit of treatment. Will not break down spur but may help temporarily with pain.
  • Is not a cure for this problem.

Cold laser therapy for tennis elbow

  • Only effect on reducing pain and can not increase grip strength or resolution of the problem.
  • May help reduce inflammation in and around the tendon

Cold Laser therapy and Knee OA

  •  Seems to be effective in reducing pain and improving function in patients with knee OA.
  • No recommendations for treatment parameters including, wavelength, energy density, continuous laser output, treatment duration, number of treatment sessions.
  • Must be completed in addition with hip and knee strengthening for best results of treatment.

Cold Laser Therapy Edmonton Considerations

Cold laser therapy can be effective in reducing pain and inflammation in the short term. There is limited evidence that it can heal any condition in isolation. Cold laser therapy is an easy, and well tolerated treatment, but can not be used in isolation.

Some benefits include:

  • Quick and easy to perform
  • Pain free application
  • Can help reduce pain and inflammation in the short term

Final Recommendations for Cold Laser Therapy

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Consult your therapist on the best treatment option for you! Research indicates that cold laser therapy can be helpful, but is rarely a cure. There is some evidence that high power lasers are more effective than cold lasers for penetrating deeper tissue.

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