What are the Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy From Our Expert Physiotherapists?

Virtual physiotherapy has become increasingly common due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Patients who require physiotherapy regularly may find it increasingly difficult to go to the physio clinics. This may be due to child care, concerns of virus, and other relevant issues. No matter the reason, we are here for you! We offer a hybrid level of physiotherapy care. This means you can come into the clinic for care for one treatment, and decide to do the next one from the comfort of your home. No matter what the reason, we are here for you and to do whatever can do to improve your recovery and outcomes!   Having a virtual physiotherapy facility by our expert physios is one of the many awesome advances in our profession. Regenerate Physio Therapy clinic is here for you. 

Virtual Physiotherapy Can be Just as Effective as in Person Physiotherapy 

The most significant benefit of virtual physiotherapy is being able to effectively assess your conditions and offer best evidence treatment options. Our virtual platform is easy to use and allows the therapist to see how you are moving and diagnose certain conditions. From here, the therapist can educate you and help provide important recovery treatments. In some cases, we may recommend a combination of in person and virtual physiotherapy sessions for the best results. 

Understand Your Condition 

One of the most important aspects of recovery is understanding the problem. It is very difficult to recover from pain and injury if we do not know where the pain is coming from. Therefore, when we know where the pain is arising, we can target that tissue and truly begin to heal from our injuries. This level of education is so important and can be explained with our virtual treatment. Other important education treatments include learning how to move correctly to avoid further damage and which exercises are of most benefit. Your physiotherapist can also provide you with other pain-relieving techniques that will empower you to recover from the safety of your home. 

The Virtual Physio May not Work If…

Virtual physio sessions take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home. But sometimes it is not indicated. This could be because of internet access issues, lack of technology confidence, difficulty diagnosing the problem that requires hands-on diagnostics. Mechanical problems such as a rib or spine joint that is jammed and requires manual therapy or manipulation. 

Is virtual physiotherapy for me? 

 Are you looking for physiotherapy near me? Simply get in touch with us at +1 780-705-5774. We offer a hybrid model of care and would love to connect with you!

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