Benefits of Spinal Decompression Treatment from our Physio Clinic in Edmonton

Neck and back pain is one of the most common types of pain and can be debilitating. It can limit your movement and disrupt simple tasks such as bending over to pick up your child or working in the garden.

If your pain is not going away, medication is just masking the pain, and you are thinking about spinal surgery….Call us NOW and see if spinal decompression at our physio clinic in Edmonton could help.

At Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, we often use spinal decompression as a non-invasive treatment to help recover from neck and back pain, pinched nerves, along with other spinal problems.

If you are unsure if this treatment is right for you, this article may provide some insight on this advanced treatment option. Here, we will explain the benefits from spinal decompression treatment, indications, and other treatment options. 

Spinal decompression treatment at our pain relief clinic in Edmonton offers quick pain relief

Spinal decompression treatment at our pain relief clinic in Edmonton is known for its short duration and effectiveness. It takes less than a half hour for the procedure to be completed. After a thorough physical therapy examination, this treatment may be a good option to stretch tight spine muscles and relieve nerve tension. 

This safe and quick procedure can offer relief to spinal discomfort, and there is a reason why spinal decompression is becoming a popular physiotherapy procedure in Edmonton.

It is a non-invasive treatment

We see patients at our clinic that believe spine surgery may be the only way to help them from their suffering. While spine surgeries are an important treatment option, it is not the best option for a large number of spinal pain conditions.

In fact, many spine surgeries are not recommended by doctors for pain because in a large portion of cases, spinal surgery may only be helpful in removing leg and arm pain that is radiating from the back. Therefore, you will be left with scarring, back pain, and in some cases joint fusion.  

Overall, spinal decompression treatment is a non-invasive treatment option that can help you avoid invasive surgical procedures. This treatment can be  a good addition to a full rehabilitation program.

If you plan on getting a surgical procedure done to fix your spinal issues, it would be a great idea to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with one of our back pain experts. 

Minimal side effects of spinal decompression

Unlike many other treatments out there, spinal decompression has very minimal side effects that are rarely harmful to the body. 

These may include:

  • Post treatment soreness
  • Post treatment irritation 

At our spinal pain management clinic, spinal decompression is performed under physiotherapy expert guidance. We ensure your safety and aim to make the treatment very comfortable, and caring. Remember, for a non-invasive solution to spinal discomfort? Just get in touch with us to schedule a spinal decompression treatment appointment. 

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