What are shockwaves?

Shockwave Therapy is an advanced medical treatment that has the power to regenerate tissue. These fast sound pulses can stimulate the cellular activity of stem cells, muscle, ligament and tendon tissue. Shockwaves promote rapid tissue healing and pain relief. Often described as a deep ache and snapping tension. When applied, most patients report feeling immediate relief of tension.

Shockwaves are proven to get you feeling your best and release chronic and nagging tissue tension. We offer two types of shockwave therapy at our Edmonton Shockwave and Physio Clinic! Including Radial Pressure Waves & Focus Shockwaves.
We Use Both Focus and Radial Shockwave Therapy!

Extracorpeal Focus Shockwave

The true form of shockwave. This type of energy delivers deep and penetrating sound waves. 

Highly effective for stubborn tendinitis, bursitis, chronic nagging pain, inflammation, and cell activation. 

Radial Pressure Wave 

This type of energy is highly effective for smoothing tight muscles, increasing blood flow and removing pain. 

Highly effective for joint pain, chronic muscle knots, trigger points.

What Can Shockwaves Do For Your Body?

Shockwaves enter your body to remove pain, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow. This can create balance in the musculoskeletal system. Improved muscle firing, strength and endurance can benefit all patients living with pain.

Shockwaves are the ‘trigger’ for cell activity. They can even influence stem cell activity (happy cells). Shockwave therapy is most effective when combined with traditional physiotherapy techniques. This includes strength, endurance, proprioception, decrease sensitivity and improved circulation.

Shockwave therapy can easily and effectively treat muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone.

It is proven to be safe, non-invasive, and effective for many chronic pain, injuries and trauma.
Regenerate & Remodel

How Do Shockwaves Work?

Pain Releif 
Immediate and long lasting. 
Get back to moving without pain!

Regulate Inflammation 
Promote optimal inflammation for healing. 
Reduce painful inflammation and swelling
Promote Regeneration 
Excite cells for healing and repair. 
Stimulate stem cell activity. 
Increase Blood Flow
Improve blood flow to injuries tissue. 
Remove restrictions in muscle and fascia.
Remove Calcium, Scar Tissue
Break down Calcifications. 
Remove scar tissue and adhesions
Release Tense Muscles
Break down chronic muscle tension. Release painful stiff muscles. 
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Shockwave Therapy Canada

Treatable Conditions


Chronic muscle, ligament tightness and injuries. Get pain relief and healing.


Tendinitis, bursitis, chronic and acute. Get relief from achilles tendon, runners knee and shoulder conditions.


Shooting pain, radicular pain. Knock out nerve pain and get moving again! 

Successful Treatments!

Shock Wave Therapy has very high success with a wide range of conditions. It is common in rehabilitative medicine (tendon, muscle pain and tightness, inflammation).

It can effectively heal bone (breaks or stress fractures), and loss of blood flow (avascular necrosis). We use shockwaves for severe muscle tightness, ‘pinched nerves’ and radiating pain.

Shockwaves have limited side effects, pain free application and a very high success rates (70-95%). 

What We Treat 

( neck, mid back, low back, and sacral pain, chronic pain and dysfunction )
( calcification, rotator cuff, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, pain, bursitis, impingement, arthritis, AC joint, trigger points, chronic pain, nerve pain )
(tightness, IT band syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, radiating pain, piriformis, trigger points, sciatic pain, tendinopathy, post surgical, joint pain, arthritis, impingement )
Foot and Ankle
( heel spur, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonopathy, metatarsal neuralgia, hallux rigidis, bunions, sprain/strain, fracture, arthritis, joint pain )
( tendonitis, runners knee, arthritis, bursitis, bakers cyst, ligament injuries, swelling, sprain/strain, pre/post surgical )
( carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervain’s, arthritis, trigger finger, tendon and joint pain )
( golfers/tennis elbow, sprain/strains, arthritis and joint pain, ligament )
( chronic neck pain, headacheshypomobile, trigger points )
( chronic headaches, migraine, TMJ dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches)
Chronic Pain
( stubborn pain conditions, resistant to therapies, chronic pain syndrome ) 
( fractures, shin splints, non union fractures, stress fractures, calcifications )
Men’s Health
( dysfunction/disorder, chronic pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease, pelvic trigger points, incontinence)
Sports Rehabilitation
( repetitive injury, trauma, strain/sprain, pre and post event )
Shockwave therapy is beneficial for trigger point therapy for the treatment of myofascial pain and highly effective for all ligament, tendon and muscular tissue.

How Effective Is Shockwave Therapy?

The success rates range from 80% to 95%. Recovery time and expectations of treatment is our priority so that all patients understand how the healing process will occur. Although treatment healing times do vary, many patients report feeling an immediate change and improvement with their pain and function.

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective treatment that can be combined with exercise, and many other modalities and treatment options.
Chronic Pain Conditions
After shockwaves, I was able to run again. No one else told me I could run...
– Jane K.

The Science of Shockwaves

There is a tremendous amount of research that is currently being produced and shared in the scientific community.

Shockwave Therapy is a safe, effective and powerful regenerative medicine treatment for chronic and stubborn pain
Effective Treatment
Shockwave is highly effective for many conditions.  
No side effects, when performed by qualified medical professionals. 
Strong and Powerful
High energy is recommended and supported. 
Did you know?
Our clinic uses shockwaves to remove your pain and get results immediately. Our customized protocols are often combined with pain releiving and strengthening physio techniques.Our experts will find your tight muscles and stiff joints and help to remove them to create balance in the body.

Regenerate To Optimal Health!

Remove Pain
Heal Stubborn Injury