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Regenerate Shockwave Therapy

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What are shockwaves?

Shockwaves are not electrical shocks at all; they are actually sound waves that are scientifically proven to heal damaged tissue and promote rapid tissue healing and pain relief.

The sensation of shockwaves feels more like a strong and deep vibration. After a couple minutes of treatment, patients often describe feeling an itch or release of tension that has finally been relieved. This is the release and change you are looking for!

What can it do for your body?

Shockwaves are mechanical sound waves that enter the body to remove pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and stimulate stem cell activity (cellular healing).

Shockwave therapy is widely used in the treatment of muscle, ligament, tendon, and bone. It is proven therapy to be safe, non-invasive, versatile and effective for many chronic pain and injuries.

Shockwaves have been shown to

  • Provide immediate and long term pain relief
  • Decrease nagging inflammation and promote healing
  • Promote regeneration and optimal healing
  • Form new blood vessels to increase blood flow
  • Remove unwanted calcium or bone build up
  • Release and remove chronic muscle tightness

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What conditions can be treated with extra-corpeal shockwave therapy?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is currently showing high success with a wide range of conditions. It is currently utilized in rehabilitative medicine (tendon, muscle pain and tightness, inflammation), bone healing problems (stress fractures or shin splints, non union fracture), and vascular diseases (femoral head avascular necrosis, intermittent claudication, erectile dysfunction).

It can also be seen in fields such as Dermatology (wound healing for ulcers and open wounds, and painful scars) and neurology (spasticity or severe muscle tightness, ‘pinched nerves’ and radicular pain).

Shockwave Therapy has limited side effects, pain free application and high success rates.

Common conditions treated

  • Shoulder
    ( calcification, rotator cuff, tendonitis, adhesive capsulitis ie. frozen shoulder, pain, bursitis, impingement, arthritis, AC joint, trigger points, chronic pain, nerve pain )
  • Spine
    ( neck, mid back, low back, and sacral pain, chronic pain and dysfunction, )
  • Hip
    ( muscle tightness, IT band syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, radiating pain, piriformis, trigger points, sciatic pain, tendinopathy, post surgical, joint pain and arthritis, impingement )
  • Knee
    ( Tendonitis, runners knee, arthritis, bursitis, bakers cyst, ligament injuries, swelling, sprain/strain, post surgical )
  • Foot and Ankle
    ( heel spur, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonopathy, metatarsal neuralgia, hallux rigidis, bunions, sprain/strain, fracture, arthritis and joint pain )
  • Hand
    ( carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervain’s, arthritis, trigger finger, tendon and joint pain )
  • Elbow
    ( golfers and tennis elbow, sprain/strains, arthritis and joint pain, ligament )
  • Neck
    ( chronic neck pain, headaches, trigger points )
  • Head
    ( chronic headaches, TMJ dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches)
  • Bone
    ( fractures, shin splints, non union fractures, stress fractures, calcificaitons)
  • Wound therapy
    ( diabetic foot ulcers, scars, burns, skin grafts, wound healing )
  • Men’s Pelvic Health
    ( ED dysfunction/disorder, chronic pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, pelvic trigger points)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sports Rehabilitation
    ( repetitive injury, trauma, pre and post event )

Shockwave therapy is beneficial for trigger point therapy for the treatment of myofascial pain and highly effective for all ligament, tendon and muscular tissue.

How effective is shockwave therapy?

The success rates range from 70% to 95%. Recovery time and expectations of treatment is our priority so that all patients understand how the healing process will occur.

What does the research say about shockwave therapy?

There is a tremendous amount of research that is currently being produced and shared in the scientific community. Shockwave Therapy is a safe, effective and powerful regenerative medicine treatment for chronic and stubborn pain

Furthermore, please visit our blog to find out more information regarding the current research. You can visit our blog by clicking here.

Research and shockwave

According to a systematic review (106 studies), there are a number of important and relevant findings. These include:

  1. Shockwave therapy is effective and supported by the data.
  2. Shockwave therapy is  safe.
  3. Application of shockwaves without sufficient energy may effect the outcome. Therefore, your shockwave treatment will always be completed by a registered certified shockwave physiotherapist.
  4. Both radial and focused shockwave are effective and can be used in combination to promote optimal outcomes!

When appropriate, your shockwave therapy program in our Edmonton clinic may be combined with exercise and other modalities to optimize treatment outcomes.

Did you know?

Astonishingly, our clinic uses shockwaves to reduce pain and results can be realized in as soon as one treatment. Our rehab protocols, when indicated, are combined with physiotherapy, manual therapy, manipulation, individual exercise prescription, joint/muscle taping, or muscle energy techniques. Our movement experts will identify tight muscles and stiff joints and systematically remove tensions to create balance in the body to promote the best healing environment

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Regenerate Shockwave Therapy

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am to 8pm Sat: 8am-6pm

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